Vicki Schwaid

Vicki Schwaid

Vicki Schwaid

The Mac Shack has 30+ years of Mac, Unix and PC systems.  Vicki Schwaid's background began with a Photography.  Graduating from USF with a Photo degree with a minor emphasis in electronic music.  From there Vicki was involved in computer animation, creating network commercials for television as well as industrial videos, IBM and the medical industry .

"We were in the unix environment, and we had to fend for ourselves, in regards to making pictures, animating, and recording on to video tape. We had no one to call.  So, we had to get under the hood and fix the engine ourselves"

After leaving the computer animation production industry, Vicki began building video and animation systems akin to what she had used for many years, but, with the most advanced technology.  Being an end user herself, she understood the issues of computers and production.  Vicki's goal was to build a solid production system.  This way the end user would not have all nighters due to constant system malfunctions 

When 9/11 happened Vicki decided to move out of Battery Park City and ended up in Nyack.  "With my daughter in elementray school in Nyack, I did not feel comfortable being far away from her and  commuting  to the city, worrying there will be another catastrophe."  So that is where The Mac Shack began.  Providing on-site service and support for Mac users in this bedroom community of NYC;  Nyack NY.  There are a lot of creatives here in Nyack that need Mac computer support.



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