OS/Software Repair

OS/Software Repair

Computer Mac Hard Drive Support.  We can tell if you the hard drive is failing and set you up with a backup system.

Computer Mac Hard Drive Support.  We can tell if you the hard drive is failing and set you up with a backup system.

What We do

Service, Repair, and Consult. 

We do training based on the latest technology.  We are great at integrating older technology with the new stuff.  We take great pride in working with all types of people and companies.  We give the best support and have more current knowledge about Mac products than anyone else. Period!

Here is a list of our constantly evolving knowledge base: 

Hardware:  iMacs, Mac Pro, Mac mini, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV , surveillance cameras, scanners, and as well as getting that silly printer to work.  And, trust me, I will not let a printer go into the landfill if uncessary .  Just ask my clients.  We constantly recycle and reuse what you have before getting something new.  Unless the equipment is snail slow.

Software:  Any, and I mean ANY Mac OS, Including the current Mountain Lion.  Any software that runs on the Mac.  From Photoshop to Quickbooks, from medical EMR software MacPractice to Microsoft Excel, from Skype to Mail. We support Filemaker Pro development, and have worked with several companies to renovate and update filemaker systems and databases.  Filemaker is a great tool.

Maintance:  We provide on-going maintenance and support, for companies as wells as individuals.  If you are  video editing, or word processing, or even lot of emailing, the Mac does need maintenance.  Yes, there are next to no virus(es) on the Mac but the Mac does slow down and needs upkeep and care.

Remote Access: If you are far away, no problem, we offer remote access.  Remote Access is a convenient way for us to log into your computer via internet to resolve issues.  Remote Access is very secure and safe.  You control the key as to when we can log in. It's straight forward and secure.  You give us the authentication, and then we can enter.  The keys always change so it's very secure.

Data Recovery:  We do data recovery.  If we can retrieve the data without opening the drive we will.  We have had great sucess.  However, if the drive has gotten physically damaged, then we refer to the best in the industry.  Drive Savers; the white room is the industry standard!